Saturday, 21 July 2012

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls can offer children, mainly girls, hours of entertainment. They dolls are made from durable cardboard and she has numerous outfits. They have to be punched out of pages of paper. There are tabs on all of the items of clothing that fold over once they are placed on the doll. This way they will stay securely in place while the child is playing with them. If those tabs are gone there is no way to keep them on. Some of the newer types though do offer magnetic clothing that works easier.

Little girls love fashion, and being able to rapidly change the clothes on their dolls is fun. It can be quite frustrating with real dolls to slide the small clothes on and off them. Many little girls that play with paper dolls are just getting to where they can put on all of their own clothing without any trouble.

Parents love paper dolls because they are very inexpensive. They can also be taken in the car of trips and played with in hotel rooms. They don't take up very much room and offering a large size zip lock bag is enough to keep all of the items in one place. This can certainly make a drive with a young girl much more pleasant for everyone involved.

There are kits where your child can color their own outfits for the paper dolls to wear as well. This is really fun as they can break out the crayons or colored pencils and then design them how they see fit. You will be sure to see some really fun and original types of clothing with this type of set up. Designing the clothing can be just as much fun for the girls as trying them on the dolls.

There are also online sites where you can make paper dolls and clothing. You can print them out on good quality paper. You will then need to cut them out to ensure they will fit correctly on the paper dolls. This type of project often requires a parent to help. Yet it can be a way for you to spend some quality time with your daughter on something that is of interest to her.

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